Get to know Rotating Part and Static Part

Last updated: 2 Feb 2024
Get to know Rotating Part and Static Part

Cooling Tower: It is an equipment that assists in transferring heat. The cooling structure comprises several essential components that work together to help reduce the temperature of water coming from various processes.

Many of you may be familiar with cooling towers used in industrial plants, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, and various tall buildings. But do you know that the types of components in cooling towers are categorized? 

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Now that we know each other, lets get into the matter.

Rotating Part and  Static Part

The types of equipment in cooling towers, can be divided into two main parts: the Rotating Part and the Static Part, each with different working characteristics.

For many engineers, may already be quite familiar with the terms Rotating Part and Static Part, but for those who do not know, this article will explain what Rotating Part and Static Part are, how the parts are kept, and their significance are.

In a simple explanation, the "Rotating Part" is the component that can rotate and move. Meanwhile, the "Static Part" is the part of the cooling towers structure that remains fixed and stationary, without any movement.

Rotating Part

Typically, The Rotating Part consists of the main components and performs the following functions

Picture 1 : Rotating Part

  • Motor: It is a device responsible for controlling the rotation of the fan blades or cooling tower blades, using electrical energy.
  • Drive shaft: It is a device that transfers power from the motor to the gearbox.
  • Fan blade: It functions to draw or blow away heat from the cooling tower.
  • Gear Box: It functions to reduce the speed of the motor, changes the direction of rotation of the motor shaft and drives the cooling tower fan.
Static Part

Typically, The Static Part consists of the main components and performs the following functions

Picture 2 : Static Part

  • Fan Stack: Alternatively known as the "outlet of the cooling tower," it functions to control the direction of the air exiting the cooling tower.
  • Drift eliminators: It is a mist elimination panel, which functions to separate water from air before the water evaporates from the cooling tower.
  • Water distribution:  It is a water distribution pipe within the cooling tower that functions to convey water from the upper part of the cooling tower through spray nozzles. 
  • Louvres: It is a component or structure that functions to control the airflow into the cooling tower and also functions to prevent splashing of water. It is often installed on the sides of the cooling tower.
  • Fill grids และ Fill pack: It is a heat transferring panel that functions to increase the surface contact area and slow down the water velocity which sprayed from the spray nozzles. The selection between using a Fill pack or Fill grids depends on the water and air conditions to be used in the cooling tower.


Principles of Storing Rotating Part and Static Part

When storing spare parts, especially Rotating Parts, it is necessary to assess whether your cooling tower is designed with one is operating cooling unit and another standby unit in case the first cooling unit stops working or is called Standby Cell.

If your Cooling Tower does not have a Standby Cell for any repairs, the Cooling Tower will have to stop operating, even if it only stops for 2-3 hours, it will cause downtime and production value to be lost such a huge value while the working is stopped.

Therefore, spare parts should be stored as a complete set. In case of emergency, the work must be stopped then will be able to make corrections and repairs of cooling tower can be done in time.

Static Parts are devices that are not necessary to be stored because most of them are large devices. It takes a lot of storage space, some equipment if stored for a long time may cause deterioration.

Selecting service providers who are ready to provide services regarding Static Parts, whether it is related to product supply or inspection teams to inspect the condition at the job site is also a critical factor in minimizing potential risks when it comes to product storage and inspection.

Importance of Rotating Part and Static Part

In the factor of work, each part has different importance. If you understand the function of each device, maintain every piece of component correctly. That equipment will work at full efficiency.

The selection of components for Rotating Parts and Static Parts affects all the operation of the cooling tower in the future.

For the Rotating Parts must have correctly maintenance for a long service life. While Static Parts must be selected component appropriately for the cooling tower because if you choose the wrong component, cooling tower will not work at full efficiency and the damage may be occurred in the near future.

Which various damages that happens with the selection of component for both Rotating Parts and Static Parts. I have written several articles. You can read please >> click here <<

I believe that everyone got to know more about Rotating Parts and Static Parts. In the next article, I will take everyone to dive deeper into the various details of each type of equipment.

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