We have many type of Drift Eliminator cellular type and Blade type. OUR DRIFT ELIMINATOR 3 IMPACT DESIGN AND LOW DRIFT LOSS RATE ( LOWEST 0.001% ) AND LOW PRESSURE DROP.



CF80MAx Counterflow Cellular Drift Eliminators are specifically designed for applications requiring very low drift levels in counterflow cooling tower, Evaporative cooling system, Turbine intake hoods and scrubber, providing the best drift removal efficiency with field-verified drift test result of 0.0004% per CTI standard 140 (the industry standard for testing of cooling tower drift) there is no need to use double layers of drift eliminator to achieve high drift-reduction efficiency

CF150MAx Counterflow Cellular Drift Eliminators are cost-effective, high efficiency cellular drift eliminator designed specifically for counteflow cooling tower and evaporative cooling system.With over 10 million square feet installed worldwide, the 150-series has been our most popular drift eliminator

Crossflow Cellular Drift Eliminator


XF80MAx Crossflow cellular Drift Eliminators provide the best available drift removal efficiency on the market today. The upward flow path and sttep water drainage angle make this the idea product for factory-built crossflow towers

XF150MAx Crossflow Cellular Drift Eliminator are specifically-designed to achieve maximum drift removal efficiency in crossflow cooling tower by providing an upward flow path and discharge angle of 40-50 degree from horizontal(depending on installation angle and molded-in drainage channels that direct the collected drift back to the wet section of the tower even when impact by water spray

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