4 Plus 2: Cooling Towers preparation during Summer

Last updated: 5 Apr 2024

Summer is coming and year by year the temperature is keep increasing especially in the month of April which consider as the hottest month in Thailand. This year the weather been forecasted will increase up to 50 degrees. This type of temperature is not affecting only the living things but also all types of tools, materials, equipment, etc. which can perform under the full capacity from what it should be or create an inefficiency in operation. For the equipment which the operation corresponds to the temperature, or equipped in outdoor area like Cooling Tower will absolutely have a higher chance to impact which this type of climate. Therefore, preparation to avoid the problem happen to this type of equipment is very important if you not want your operation to be stuck.


Therefore, this article we will discuss about methodology to prepare the existing cooling tower during this Summer. However, before getting start to the article let us introduce ourselves a bit in case some viewer just have a chance to read our article for the first time. In case anyone already know who we are, you may skip the next paragraph.


We, Innovek Asia Co., Ltd., the world class manufacturer and one stop service for cooling tower who has been rated as the most successful cooling tower company in Thailand. We have experienced in this field more than 15 years which the expertise from our team starts from Research and Development, Engineer, Sales, Marketing, Production, Quality Controlling Team, Quality Assurance Team, Service and Maintenance Team. The continuous improvement and development are our key success factor which can be certified not only in local market but oversea market that we perform several projects.

So, we already know each other let start for the discussion of this article. It is really necessary for the preparing of operation for the cooling tower during this summer season or in other word we may think that Summer is never leave Thailand throughout the year. Therefore, lack of preparation will absolutely cause a very harmful effect in the operation that you might not even able to imagine how much the cost would be.


Methodology for preparation of your Cooling Tower to ready for operation.

       Check the operation performance of Cooling Tower: Check the cooling tower can perform their task systematically without any error by checking operation all parts in cooling tower including both Rotating Part and Static Part whether there is any part effect the efficiency of cooling tower or not?  For example, checking the operation of Fan Blade or checking the water distribution pipes whether have any leak or damage or not, etc.


        Preventive Maintenance (PM): Maintenance the whole cooling tower and check all parameter that been set for Rotating Part whether it has been set in a proper manner or not. The reason is because rotating part in cooling tower is an important part, in case any damage happen to this rotating part can create the damage to the remaining part in cooling tower as well.

Image 1: Maintenance and checking the parameter setting of Rotating Part

      Cleanliness: To ensure the regular cleaning the cooling tower especially the Fill Pack. In case the fill pack has been used for a long time and having Fouling will cause the heat exchange area to reduce. In this case it requires the High-Pressure water jet cleaning or if Fouling is a lot, it may need to change the new set of Fill Pack. In order to avoid changing the Fill Pack frequently, it need to clean it on regular basis especially the quality of water in operation. The good quality of water will avoid the case of Fouling in Fill pack and having a longer useful life of Fill Pack.

Image 2: Dirtiness of Fill Pack

        Checking the water level: Regular checking the level of water in cooling tower is a must especially during the summer period of time because the water will evaporate faster. Therefore, adding the water in cooling system will help to balance and maintain a good performance


  Let we add 2 more points which not relate to the preparing of cooling tower but it is a case study to help viewer before installation or inspecting the cooling tower system.

        This 2 cases is the actual case that we have got a request from the client to help and fix them. In this month which the temperature is very high, the client had informed us that their cooling tower have an inefficiency in operation which not able to reduce the temperature of water same as before. Let we summarized the main causes of this problem that encountered as below.


          The cooling tower in one of the Sugar Plant: their cooling tower cannot reduce the temperature according to the specification that had been designed. The designed spec specified that the cooling tower must be able to reduce the temperature by 13 degrees, however after the cooling tower been installed and test the actual temperature of water can be reduce only up to 8 degrees. This case caused a huge loss to client due to inefficiency in operation which not match as designed.

      The method to check colling tower meet the design for the percentage reduce in temperature or not, we need to check and ensure that the cooling tower been used according to the design in a proper manner or not i.e. Checking the flow of water, Checking the flow of air, Checking the inlet temperature into cooling tower, etc. If all these points been check and not find any discrepancy, it means the problem is happen from designing of cooling tower. The way to fix it is to correct the existing design of cooling tower or upgrade the existing cooling tower.

        However, to avoid headache and loss in operation which cannot estimate how much it will be, we recommend to use the reliable service provider that have experienced and checked the reference list that they have performs the task across several industry. Main important point please consider quality rather than cost otherwise you will spend more amount of money on later stage from the amount that you have been saved in initial stage.

         The client used the Fan Blades that save energy for 40% but in fact the percentage of energy saving is not been saved as expected. The technique that some service provider of cooling tower been used is reduce the angle of the Fan Blade. The lower is the Fan Blade Angle, the lower energy will be consumed. However, the drawback is that the air flow will not perform at a full efficiency. This will more visible during summer when the air flow not been performed in efficient way instead of saving it will consume more energy. The methodology to fix this case is to fix the Angle according to the initial design. I have written the article about Energy saving before which you may clicked here to read more.


      The viewer may realize that no matter how many articles I have written, I always emphasized to select the cooling towers service provider that is reliable, having world class standard with well repeated sources of reference list from their previous task. This will absolutely make your cooling tower can perform as the full efficiency and no problem arise in the later stage.


     Last but not least, we do expect that this article will more or less useful to the viewer. In case you have any query about cooling tower or having any great idea of the next article that we should write, please feel free to contact us at We are willing and happy to serve and consult you for FREE without any charge.

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