Air Cooled type Heat Exchangers (ACE) are widely used when cooling medium are not easily available. lt cools with the cheapest available source Ambient Airi ACE is huge in size and occupied large area that are capable of rejecting large amount of heat into the atmosphere. HES provides design and manufacturing of ACE to oil & gas refineries, power plant and petrochemical plant. Design & sizing of the ACE by our experienced thermal engineer taking into consideration of reduction in vibration, low noise decibel with the combination of Air flow dynamic and Structure support analysis. The ACE equips with reputable brand of Fan, Motor, Drive unit, V-Belt/HTD-Belt and Vibration switches, which are carefully selected according to specifications, operating conditions and Clients requirements.


      Shell & Tube type Heat Exchanger is one of the key products with which HES is proud of its capabilities to provide optimized design with performance enhancement. Though it is a mature technology, HES advance and optimized design could provide customers with value-added to overcome many of the product problems, like performance leaks, vibrations, erosions, corrosion, cyclic failure, fatigue failure, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen-induced cracking and other severe and lethal operating conditions, etc.

Fatty Acid Condenser

- Olechemical Plant, Indonesia

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