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Upgrade/Improve/RehababilitationIs your tower in need of upgrade? INNOVEK has the experience and expertise to upgrade your tower to new condition or better and perform this work within tight Schedule to minimize your plant down time. Whether counter-flow towers or cross-flow cooling tower.
      Re-structure wood structure                                        Upgrade / Improve infill
Thermal Upgrade
A thermal upgrade can lower your cold water temperatures and improve the efficiency of your tower thus allowing you to maximize your plant capacity. If you feel your plant can benefit from a thermal upgrade, contact INNOVEK for a thorough review and analysis of your tower. INNOVEK will let you know what cold water improvements can be achieved and help you find the most cost effective solution for your plant.Schedule to minimize your plant down time. Whether counter-flow towers or cross-flow cooling tower.
Fouled Fill Solution
Fouled fill is common problem which usually the result from the fill and the water treatment being incompatible or poorly selected for the site conditions. In some cases, the water quality has worsened and the fill type or water treatment program needs to be reevaluated. INNOVEK, in cooperation with our preferred water treatment partners, will review your operation and help you isolate the cause of the fouling and recommend a solution that will work for you and greatly reduce or eliminate the likelihood of future fouling.
Cooling Tower Performance Test CTI ATC-105
In order to evaluate your cooling tower current performance INNOVEK able to serve performance test comply to CTI ATC- 105 standard. This test is necessary to perform in order to know current performance of cooling tower prior evaluate to improvement in next step.
Installation Cooling Tower Equipment
INNOVEK had many experiences install all parts ie header line , spray nozzle, fill , drift ,gear box, drive shaft , fan , motor etc. We have capabilites to install overall cooling tower parts for new tower project  n cooling towers  for EPC project in limited time frame
Infill and Drift Eliminator Anual Cleaning
Cleaning infill can help to reduce fouling accumulate inside Fill and extended fill service life. We have high pressure water jet to clean fill one by one pack
and on your limit time frame during your shut down period.
Re-Condition Fan blades
Most of FRP fan after run over 8-10 years almost need blade recondition. INNOVEK able to repair small blade chip or crack or break or sevior erosion. After repair, we will re-coating and blade balancing before deliver like brand new blade to you.
Fan Air Flow Test ACC. to ASME PTC30
Somtime we need to check fan air flow in order to adjust L/G ratio to suit the original design condition. INNOVEK team had extensively experience to perform air flow test according to ASME PTC 30 code.
Fan Blade Field Balancing
In some case we have vibration problem, we need fan blade field balancing in order to reduce unbalance and vibration level.
Overhaul Amarillo Gear
Our Staffs trained from Amarillo USA and we have long experience to overhaul Amarillo gear box follow Amarillo standard and tollerance. This will ensure that client gear box will have long term operation after overhauling.