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Unozawa Gumi Root blower and dry vacummn pump
Unozawa Gumi blower


The rotary blower is three lobe Roots type blower featuring high performance, low noise and less vibration. Special gas blowers with mechanical seal or non-contact seal and high design pressure are available



The new dry vacuum pump type TRV is completely oil free type developed with a new concept, which is different from conventional dry vacuum pumps. The cooling effect of high efficiency jacketed pump eliminates inter cooler and drain tanks. The top down transport of gas ensures rapid and complete draining. The pump insures easy solvent recovery in the discharge of the vacuum pump.

For lager pumping system or high vacuum application, this pump can be used with mechanical booster. It is easy compact system using the vertical dry vacuum pump.


  1. Rapid and complete draining
  2. Reduced power consumption
  3. Wide range operation
  4. Low level maintenance
  5. Small foot print
  6. Explosion proof motor available                   



The pair of rotors is provided in the vertical casing with back-flow cooling system. The suction gas into the inlet of pump is compressed by rotation of rotors and transferred to the peripheral gas passage in just the out side of the housing. Condensable gas would be condensed according to its pressure. Some cases suction gas has carry over liquid. In both cases, liquid would be flown down with handling gas and discharged to the atmosphere. The vertical compact dry vacuum pump insures easy draining of liquid without any controls.


We have been manufacturing the vacuum pump type TRM/TAM for over 25 years.
The pump capacity is about 2 m3/min to 35 m3/min.
Depending on your request, the special design vacuum pump is available with material of stainless steel, ductile cast iron, and also high design pressure.


  • Vacuum Distillation
  • Medical Devices
  • Polymer Processing
  • Pharmaceutical & Food industry
  • Special gases in Chemical industry
  • Vacuum Refrigeration


  1. Wide range operation
  2. Perfect oil free
  3. Clean vacuum
  4. No environmental pollution
  5. Long time operation
  6. Low level operation
  7. Compact & low maintenance
  8. Easy run & stop
  9. Condensed liquid recovery
  10. Stable performance



The vacuum pump section of each stage in this machine is constructed with a Roots type pump. The pump consists of two rotors hving a three-lobe shaped cross section each, and mounted to parallel shafts, while keeping a slight clearance against the inside wall of enclosing casing, and also between rotors. The compression function is as follows.

  1. The suction gas into the inlet of vacuum pump is compressed by rotation of rotors
  2. The discharged gas divided into two portions, one portion of gas flows into back-flow cooling port and another portion flows into second stage.
  3. The discharged gas from second stage is transferred into cooler.
  4. A part of cooled gas flows into back-flow cooling port of second stage. And another gas transferred to third stage.
  5. The discharged gas from third stage is transferred into cooler. A part of cooled gas flows into back-flow cooling port of third stage.
  6. And another gas is discharged to atmosphere.



Unozawa water ring vacuum pump is developed by our own technology, and high-performance and low-noise. The adoption of a very simple operating system of single-rotation and single-compression type offers many advantages for a wide range of vacuum pump.

Vacuum drying, Evaporation and Condenser in Chemical and Food industry. Priming for Large centrifugal pump. Dehydration for paper machine


  1. Simple construction
  2. High reliability
  3. High performance
  4. Special material
  5. Easy maintenance
  6. Compact


When a proper capacity of liquid is supplied in the pump casing and the rotor is turned, liquid flows along the inner wall of the pump casing with the effect of centrifugal force. The inner wall of the casing is made eccentric with the pump axis, therefore a cavity of almost elliptical shape is produced in the center as shown in the flowing figure. The free surface of the liquid in the rotor pocket moves in the radial direction in accordance with the rotation of the rotor. The liquid free surface works as a piston. Then gas introduced from inlet port of rotor guide rotate by rotor and then discharged from the outlet port.