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Plenty / Lightnin Mixer
Plenty Mixer


Plenty is the market leader for side entry mixers. LIGHTNIN and Plenty have combined their capabilities to offer the most comprehensive range of products and solutions for side entry fluid mixing applications with a combined experience of over 130 years in the key side entry markets of oil, edible oil, waste water treatment, chemical processing and pulp and paper. Plenty also produces a line of rotary positive displacement pumps for use in oil and gas, petrochemical and sugar industries.

Fixed Angle                                          

For Blending, Homogenizing and Temperature Uniformity Dutie


- Over 40 year's operational experience 

- Gear or belt drive options- Rugged, heavy duty design for extended service life

- Mechanical seal is standard supply

- Minimum maintenance requirements

- Manufactured on modern computer controlled machining centers 

- Positive tank shut off device

- Optional tank man way adaptors are available

- High efficiency cast propeller

 Flow Patterns for Blending Homogenizing and Temperature Uniformity Duties

Swivel Angel

For Tank Cleaning Operations and the Prevention of Harmful Sludge Settling


- Up to $100,000 savings per tank  

- High efficiency cast propeller

- Over 30 year's operational experience specifically developing and utilizing swivel angle mixing technology

- Gear or belt drive options 

- Identical rugged, heavy duty design as for fixed angle mixers to extend service life 

- Mechanical seal is standard supply 

- Minimum maintenance requirements

- Manufactured on modern computer controlled machining centers

- Positive tank shut off device

- Optional automatic actuators available to negate need for manual swivel angle change

Flow Patterns for Sediment Removal in Crude Oil Tanks


Unique Side Entry Mixer Tank Shut off Device permits the bearings and mechanical seal to be changed under full tank conditions:

- Incorporates tapered metal to metal seal faces. All tapered faces are wear and corrosion resistant

- Faces are positively clamped by a bolted flange which securely locks and supports the shaft during changes

- Most importantly the unit incorporates a check valve for ensuring that shut off is 100% effective prior to dismantling

- No materials are used which deform, wear or perish with time - such as flexible 'O' rings 


Unique Advance Propeller Design

- High pumping

- High trust

- Minimum power draw

- No cavitation

- Solid reliability


Years of research in the field of fluid dynamics have been utilized in developing the Plenty Side Entry Propeller

The Design parameters are unique to side entry mixing:

Minimum Diameter - to permit ease of installation through standard manholes so that fully assembled mixers can be fitted from the outside of tanks - personnel do not require to enter tanks to fit the propeller. Smaller diameter also permit floating roofs to come lower in the tank producing lower ullage loss.

No Cavitation - by necessity a side entry propeller is located close to the tank wall. Some high pumping propellers have a tendency to cavitate due to restricted flow paths behind the propeller blades. This can lead to premature tank wear, wasted energy and resultant low flows.

High Concentrated Thrust - to reach across large diameter storage tanks a concentrated mixing' beam is required. Just as a parabolic reflector will emit light beams a long way, a side entry propeller must project the thrust a long distance.

High Fluid Flow - process performance is normally a function of propeller flows. Minimal mixing time is achieved with a high performance propeller.

Minimum Power Draw - the design objective is to achieve all the above with the minimum use of energy.

Study the Plenty Propeller - there is no other propeller available today which is more suited to side entry tank mixing.

The Plenty propeller is a true helical pitch propeller with forward rake. The forward rake is unique to Plenty Mixers and is most significant in meeting the above design parameters.

This design provides for optimum cavitation free suction conditions whilst promoting maximum fluid pumping and entrainment for any installed power.

Each propeller is accurately cast as a one piece component, thus eliminating the pitch setting variances and welding problems often present with fabricated designs.

Rigid inspection of pitch uniformity, static, dynamic and hydraulic balancing ensures vibration free operation. No propeller or side entry mixer leaves the Plenty factory

without first undergoing quality control approval in the test tanks