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Cooling tower parts
Cooling tower Part

 Fill pack media

Counter flow film fill

  • High – Performance splash Fills
  • Anti – Fouling Film Fills
  • High – Performance Film Fills
  • Edge Bonding
  • Herring bond fill Integrate fill drift and louver 
  • Comply CTI-STD136
  • Fire retardant and UV protection
  • Available for cross flow and counter flow cooling tower

           Splash Fill                  Cross Flute               Vertifical Offset Flute           Vertical Flute



Cross flow film fill


Features and Benefits


• Superior air/water management for high thermal performance
• Engineered “herringbone” surface (left) for even water distribution
• Honeycomb bonded edges on the air inlets and outlets
• Interlocking offsets space the sheets and form a pack that is strong enough to be stacked one on top of the other in towers with fill heights over 10 ft (3050 mm).

Our sheet thicknesses are quoted in final gauge (as measured in field) of .008” (.203 mm), .010” (.254 mm), .015 (.381 mm), or your specific requirement. All our fill products are available in PVC and are UV stabilized. The PVC compounds used in our fills have outstanding resistance to weather exposure and are nearly impervious to chemical degradation by alkali, acids, greases, fats, oils, and biological attack. Brentwood PVC has excellent fire rating due to its self-extinguishing characteristics, and meets or exceeds Cooling Tower Institute Standard 136. HPVC (high temperatures), PP (polypropylene), and ABS plastics are also available for special applications.

Counter flow Splash fill


Cross flow splash fill


Drift Eliminator

  • Counter flow cellular drift eliminators
  • Counter flow blade drift eliminators
  • Comply CTI-STD136
  • Fire retardant and UV protection
  • Low drift loss rate 0.001-0.002%
  • Available for cross flow and counter flow cooling tower



COFIMCO Fan ( ITALY )      

  • COFIMCO AV Series
  • COFIMCO M-Series
  • COFIMCO 60F-Series
  • COFIMCO H-series
  • COFIMCO B-Series
  • COFIMCO CX-Series
  • COFIMCO Z-Series     
  • FRP Pultrusion fan avialable for all model
  • Aluminim Extrusion available for all model
  • Rigid fan shaft and Flexy fan shaft available     


CX Super low noise               G Hub Fan                 B Hub Flexy Fan           AV Auto variable fan

Amarillo Products ( U.S.A. )

  • Right angle gear for cooling tower
  • Composite Drive Shaft For Cooling Tower
  • A-Series compatible for Marely gear
  • Right Angle pump


Composite Drive shaft    Double Reduction Gear          Parallel Shaft Gear

ADDAX Composite Drive shaft

     Spray Nozzle for Cooling tower


  FRP Fan Stack and FRP parts