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In cooling tower we can save energy or cost in three parts

1) Fan or Motor

2) Fill and Drift eliminator

3) Make up water

In this section we will discuss about fan energy saving only, as fan basically run continuous 24 Hr/ Day or 365 day / year ( 8,760 Hrs/Year ) consumption relate to running time. To saving energy is to reduce fan absorb power.


1. Hub design 

Our fan design installed seal disc to reduce hot air recirculate to system cause saving 2-3%


2. Our fan installed tip cap to stop air leakage cause saving 2-3% as well

3. Our Blade air foil design same as plan wing. We use CFD ( Computerize Fluid Dynamic program ) and FEM ( Finite element method program ) to design best air foil design. Reason our fan can produce best air foil because we use FRP pultrusion technology to produce our fan blades.

Computerize Fluid Dynamic ( CFD )

FEM ( Finite Element Method Analysis )

FRP fan produce with 2 methods

3.1 FRP hand lay up or Hand laminate method

Most of fan manufacturer in the world used this method and this method difficult to make good air foil design. 


3.2 FRP Pultrusion method

This method is latest technologies and it can produce best air foil design. 

Below is profile to compare between high performance blade and low performance blade.We found that left hand picture provide more

air flow than right hand picture.


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