Cooling Tower Services

Category: Services
  • Improvement of perfomance of existing cooling towers.
  • Tranfer of existing wooden cooling tower structures to long lasting FRP structures.
  • Preventive maintenance for all brand names.
  • Improvement and exchange of fill pack and drift eliminator
  • Repair and reconditioning of FRP fan blades 
  • Control and adjustment of mechanical alignment and vibration analysis
  • Fan blade field balance
  • New coating of fan blades 
  • Cleaning of cooling tower and basins
  • Preventive maintenance services 
  • Water treatment : Supply of advanced technologies to maintain the required water conditions.
  • Calcution and supply of side stream filters. 
  • Perfomance testing of cooling tower per CTI ATC 105 standard 
  • Air flow testing per ASME PTC-30 standard

17 April 2019

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